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Top 15 Best Indian web series on Prime Video

Thought-provoking and heart throbbing stories are always born in the land of Aryavarta. With a rich history of daily feudal life, writers have found inspiration from everywhere to get amazing stories to turn into a wonderful set web series that we can binge watch on and on. From Mirzapur, Sacred games to the last year’s release of The family man making into the list of Top 15 best web series on Prime Video to watch, Indian series has traveled way ahead of time. Here we bring you the list of Top 15 best Indian web series on Prime Video that you can watch and enjoy.

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Synopsis of each of Top 15 best Indian web series on Prime Video:

1. The Family Man

A middle-class mystery man who secretly works as an investigation officer for a fictitious branch is what the family man is about. This action-based cinematic series is one of the best Amazon originals web series. Subtitles are provided in three Indian languages and English to choose from and Manoj Bajpayee’s acting needs no explanation at all. The series delivers the seriousness in being a family man and also an investigation agent in the most natural way. This is one of the Best Indian web series on Prime Video.

2. Mirzapur

With a piece of catchy background music that keeps playing on the back of your mind always and a story like never before, Mirzapur brings a mixed bag of love, war, lust, friendship and that makes life a little lot crazier and interesting. Mirzapur is definitely a must-watch as its the best of its kind series on Prime Video. This is the topmost Best Indian web series on Prime Video.

3. Made In heaven

A story that ties a knot between India’s old and new tradition by Zoya Akhtar and Reema Kagti.Starring  Arjun Mathur, Sobhita Dhulipala and Kalki Koechlin Made In Heaven talks about the lives of Tara and Karan running a wedding planning agency called ‘Made In Heaven’ in Delhi. I would be surprised if you haven’t heard about this series since its trending and celebrating its success. This dropped out in 2019 and had made it to every teenagers’ list of best web series list.

4. Breathe

Have you ever loved someone? Loved so much that you are ready to kill yourself for saving them? Breathe puts two ordinary men into pell-mell of a situation where they have to win the other for the one they love. The 90’s women’s love of the life Maddy aka Madhavan performed his best giving life to the character. Wanna engage into world of amazement then Breathe is the one that you must watch on Prime Video.

5. Inside Edge

Being the first Indian Amazon original Inside edge revolves around every Indian’s emotional point- Cricket. Based on IPL T-20 match Inside Edge talks about everything that interests a cricket fanatic. It’s in the best web series list to watch with respect to the positive remarks and critical opinions that put this series into one huge bag of success.

6. Hostel Daze

The hostel is an emotion. The crazy events we plan up with our friends, the raw rottis we get to eat there, the fun and frizziness of college are all that ‘hostel Daze’ captures. It is the story of four young minds in engineering college who spoils and make their life in their own way of everyday nothingness. Its has got some good humour that may motivate you to binge-watch this series.

7. The forgotten Army- Azaadi ke liye

An ode to the freedom fighters of India, not to the ones who are always on the papers and books about the Indian national soldiers both men and women who lost lives, found a new meaning to life, sacrificed and created hopes to rest of their families living back home. This series by Kabir Khan makes us understand and value the lives of this forgotten army! It even got a romance of two soldiers, Sodhi and Maya, which is heart-melting and emotional. This best series on Prime Video can give you all the chills and tears.


A comedy ? or a love tragedy? Pushpavalli is a girl who fell in love with Bhindi exporter Nikhil Rao and all the naughty stuff she does to get close to him is what this series is about. The all-time favourite stand-up comedian Naveen Richard is playing the role of Pankaj, Pushpavalli’s friend who helps in getting her a job in a library in Banglore. This web series is making its way to top the list of best web series on Amazon and is something that got everybody talking!

 9. Going Viral

Amused by how weird, crazy, good for nothing things end up becoming trending while a gem of talents goes unnoticed. You can find it how on the latest comedy web series on Amazon ‘Going Viral’.Going Viral Pvt Ltd. is an institution where people with(out) talent can walk in pour money and end up trending. With an element of laughter in each dialogue and spotless acting, this series itself is going viral and gaining more attention from the public.

 10. Afsos

Regrets are what excites to live life better. Nakul the protagonist of this series is a Mumbai based failed writer. He wants to die and tries to commit suicide n number of times but ends up becoming a failure in it too. His therapist deduces the fact that death is not exactly what he is looking for, but just an escape from life but before Nakul has realised this himself had hired  Upadhyay to kill him. Interesting turn of events with deadpan humour and emotions that questions the purpose of existence is what makes this series best to watch on Prime Video.

11. Mind the Malhotras

Fun-unlimited is what Mind the Malhotras promises! When each of their acquaintances starts filing up for divorce  Rishabh and Shefali is in the dilemma of what’s gonna happen to their family. Eventually ending up in front of a therapist who asks cringy questions and details about their sex life, The Malhotras find love and also other weird things in life. This series is one that you can lay back and relax laughing to the absurdity of life that we normally make.

12. Laakhon Mein Ek

With a twist to Kota Factory, Laakhon Mein Ek talks about the life of a young guy whose percentile wasn’t good enough for any institution to get him a seat. His dad forces him into a coaching centre and his struggle to be an IITian begins. He and his roommates’ journey in making their real dreams come true is what this series is about. The season two captures a different tale which is equally interesting and socially relevant!

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13. Four more shots please!

Done with rules that bother only the women in this society Four more shots please! Tells the story of four women who are flawed, reckless and ready to break the glass ceiling. The four women with different background portray the lives women got to deal with ups and downs of their material life, love life, sex life basically life! It has got stories to tell from the perspective of these four women in series who represent all women in the society of ours.

 14. Vellai Raja

The first Tamil original series by Amazon which is also dubbed in Hindi is Vellai Raja. If you are a lover of action, then this is the series exclusively for you. Vella Raja narrates the lives of people who wind up in trouble while staying at a lodge. How Devathe protagonist saves himself without getting caught by the police and his rivals forms the plot of the story.

 15. Hear me, love me

Shilpa Shetty to the rescue of young women in the dilemma of love! 1 girl with 3 dates with 3 different men. Whom will she choose and why? The interesting aspect here is the girl can’t see the man she is in date with, but can only hear him. Beauty shouldn’t be a factor in judging, you see…Hear me, love me is inspired from foreign Tv Series and definitely hitting the market in India these days.

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So, What do you think about the series in Prime Video? Is your favourite on our list too? Take guidance from the list of Top 15 best Indian web series on Prime Video and relax your days. Pick your genre and indulge in some time of pure bliss and out of the world experiences with these series.