Top 7 Best Indian web series on Hotstar

Today I bring you the Top Best Indian web series on Hotstar. Hotstar has been excellent in keeping the audience engaged with its web series originals that have made its name in every suitable accolades’ title. Indian web series is pushing its limits to amazing story lines walking through the path that’s never taken before and bringing us a feast right through our digital screens. We bring to you some the list of Top Indian web series on Hotstar that’s taking over the world with awe-struck plots and unforgettable dialogues!

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Top 7 Best Indian web series on Hotstar

Here is the list of Top Best Indian web series on Hotstar:


Aditya is a young charming cab-driver who thinks he is lucky enough to have a one night stand with his passenger Sanya. Things turn topsy turvy in his life when he wakes up to Sanya’s dead body. She was murdered brutally and the pathetic state of her dead body scared this cab driver. He obviously falls into the Police scrutiny. But who killed her? How and why? Aditya is more curious and bothered to find this out than the investigation officers themselves. This Indian web series is a pure thriller driven by suspense and inquisitiveness. Definitely a must-watch making it to the list of top  Indian web series on Hotstar!

2. CITY OF DREAMS- Mayanagari

It costs nothing to dream, maybe that’s why everyone has got a dream. A sex worker, a gangsta, a bidiwalla everyone! It’s these dreams that act as a bridge between the rich and the poor. City of Dreams shows how a murder attempt on a political leader Gaekwad changes the dreams of so many people not even related him as the case unravels slowly and everyone linked to it one or the other way have to pay a price. With commendable performance and mind-numbing revelations this series an interesting hit among the viewers with positive reviews and feedback. If you haven’t watched it, let me tell you its worth all your time!


With the captain cool as the hero how can ‘Roar of the Lion’ don’t entice the audience. A documentary-type web series narrating the tale of CSK franchise two years ban on IPL for the spot-fixing scandal with Rajasthan Royals. Their come back to the IPL world after two years was both emotional and enjoyable. The series also talks about the game and its influence all over and how important was it for Chennai Super Kings to gain back the faith and win back the trophy. This series for those cricket fanatics especially who cry bleed yellow during the IPL season. It also shows behind the scenes of the game we binge watch on, proving truth is not exactly what the majority screams!


This series tells the story that we wish not even our worst enemy should go through. Dr Mira Anand is to perform a routine operation on the patient, who is also the chief minister. The night before the major operation, the doctor gets a call ordering her to kill the CM or her family who is now the hostages will be dead. What will she do? What can she do? Like the doldrums aren’t enough neighbours and senior doctors make her life more difficult. There isn’t enough time and what’s gonna happen next takes this series forward. A masterpiece by  Sudhir Mishra Hostages is a promising web series on Hotstar.


A perfect Indian adaptation of the BBC sitcom series which was a huge success throughout the world. The series tells a nine to five, working hours scenario where the boss, Jagdeep Chadda (played by Mukul), fiercely tries to sustain his employees’ morale at an all-time high. He is that kind of boss who tells his employees to think about him as one among their pals, but thanks to his lame jokes and failed attempts at camaraderie, he fails to impress his colleagues, who are perennially at the state of ennui. While he encourages them relentlessly, audiences get to sneak a  peek into his quirky work-space.


Revolving around the lives of Meera, Akarsh and Alia, Out of love is talks about the infidelity game played in marital life. A hair on her husband’s scarf begins Meera’s investigation on who is that lady that her husband has been seduced for. Too much of anything is not too good even if its love! This series solves confusions making and breaking bonds travelling through money, beauty and youth! A casual usual story that we might have heard a lot but you can its watch it  Out of love on Hotstar.


This web series is one of a kind Indian espionage thriller that tells the story of how  Himmat Singh of Research and Analysis Wing figures out recurrent patterns in terrorist attacks and comes to the conclusion that only one person is behind all the attacks. His task force team of 5 agents living in different parts of the world unites and aim to catch that one mastermind. The story is inspired by an idea taken from nineteen years worth of nationally significant events.


Watch and enjoy only on Hotstar, these web series just the way, not just to kill time but also to contemplate realize and retrospect on life! Hope you enjoyed reading the Top Indian web series on Hotstar list, let us know your favorite among them and what you think about the level of Indian web series these days.